3. In Biology, it is found that the bacteria in a certain culture double every half-hour. If the initial number of bacteria in culture is 1000,
A. Find the defining equation for the number N of bacteria in culture after T hours, assuming that no bacteria die.
B. How many bacteria cells are present after 2 hours?

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  1. T = 0: N = 1000*2^0 = 1000.
    T = 1/2hr: N = 1000*2^1 = 2000.
    T = 1hr: N = 1000*2^2 = 4000.

    NOTE: The exponent is always equal to
    A. Eq: N = 1000*2^2T.

    B. 2T = 2*2 = 4.
    N = 1000*2^4 = 16000 Bacteria cells.

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    posted by Henry

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