I really need to know if all the coorections are OK. It is really urgent.

1)The subject of the poem is the description of some soldiers while they are retreating through (toward) their trenches.
2)They should be young and strong but, because of their tireness (tiredness) the poet describes them as old beggars.
3)The soldiers are described as moving slowly through the mud. They have no boots, so their feet bleed.Their march is slow and uneasy: that’s why (That’s why) they walk as if they are blind, (or) drunk or stuck in mud and water.
4)In the second stanza the poet writes about how few soldiers manage to wear their clumsy gas masks. Anyway (?), some of them are unable to move easily and fast enough; for this reason, they still cry out in the deadly gas.
5)The third stanza deals with the memory of a friend of the poet’s ; he (The poet) can’t help seeing him in his dreams, guttering like a candle which is going to extinguish.
6)Finally, in the last stanza, the poet wonders if the reader can imagine how it feels like walking behind the wagon when they throw his friend (where they had thrown his friend), or watching his eyes (his friend’s eyes) writhing and the skin of his face fall off.

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asked by Henry1
  1. 1. toward, not through

    2. comma before "but" not after
    fatigue, not tiredness

    3. That's why ... blind, drunk, or stuck ...

    4. ... how most soldiers manage to put on their clumsy gas masks although a few unable to put their masks on fast enough; for this reason, they cry out in the deadly gas.

    5. ... the memory of a friend of the poet. Owen can’t help seeing him in his dreams, guttering like a candle. [Didn't I already say once that "guttering" and "going to extinguish" are the same thing?]

    6. delete "like" - change "walking" to "to walk" - don't use the "had thrown" phrasing - use "his friend's eyes"

    Check very carefully for corrections. Also double-check to make sure verbs are in present tense.

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