Quick question,

Can someone use intimidation as a tool to manipulate people? And can you give me an example to demonstrate this if you can because I don't get it.

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  1. Well my guess is that if you scare somebody into doing something, it's kinda like using intimidation as a tool. Think of it like a bully, they might scare the friends into doing something wrong. I donno hope that kinda helped

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    posted by Dawn
  2. "using intimidation as a tool" - what do you mean by this part of your statement? Is intimidation a tool to manipulate people???

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  3. Intimidation is not a very positive way of influencing others. If the power shifts, those who you intimidated will start to intimidate you. Here are some other methods:


    Dawn's definition is correct, but here is an example:

    If you don't like my answer, forget about complaining to Jishka. If you do, I will find your e-mail address and send a virus that will make your computer a useless pile of junk!

    I hope making the example a little more personal will help you understand intimidation better. Thanks for asking.

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    posted by PsyDAG
  4. Intimidation is used by parents to control children.... if you don't clean up your room, I will take away your Ipod.

    It is used by the government to control its citizens. If you don't let us spy on your personal affairs, then someone will blow up a plane you are on or a building you are in.

    It is used by churches to control their congregations... if you don't believe the way we believe then you will be removed from this group and you will not go to heaven.

    It is used by "friends"... if you don't act as we act, then you will be removed from the group and won't have any friends.

    It is used in business.. being fired, losing promotions.
    It is an extremely poor but often used technique for controlling others.

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    posted by GuruBlue

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