In a thermochemistry experiment the reaction of 0.0857 g of an unknown metal and an excess of 4.0 M HCl resulted in a 0.210 mL decrease in the volume of an ice/water mixture. Calculate the enthalpy of this reaction per 1 g of metal reacted. Needed data:
density of water at 273 K = 1.00 g/ml
density of ice at this temperature = 0.917 g/mL
ice enthalpy of fusion = 333 J/g

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asked by Raj
  1. 45

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    posted by Raj
  2. 16 mol/L

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    posted by Muax
  3. -9.02kj

    haha anon.

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  4. 0.723kJ

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  5. what is the correct answer ?

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    posted by jak

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