chemistry 101

if you had 14 moles of octane how many moles of carbon dioxide would you get?

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asked by sylvia
  1. octane: C8H18 - relative molecular mass: 12*8 + 18= 114
    carbon dioxide: CO2 - rel mol mass: 12 + 2(16) = 44

    1 mole of octane has mass of 114g
    14 moles of octane have mass of 14*114
    => 1596g of octane is 14 moles
    1g of octane is 14/1596 moles
    44g of octane is (14/1596)*44
    =0.3859 moles
    its something lik that bt i think i went somewhere wrong cuz the no is v small...

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    posted by Viola
  2. there isn't supposed to be a "v"

    our teacher said there was an error so that question won't count against you. but you're right :)

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    posted by Merine

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