In which sentence are the "conjunctions" used correctly?
1) Either Fred nor John knew about the accident.
2) The top award was given to neither Steve or Jim.
3 Neither beauty nor popularity was considered in the contest.
4) Mary enjoyed neither rooler skating or ice skating.
I think the answer is #3 neither/nor.

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  1. You're right. Neither goes with nor. Either goes with or.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Choose the sentence that has a subject complement.
    1) The nurse felt my pulse.
    2) I felt much better.
    3) The day ended with many surprises.
    4) We can't leave without seeing her.

    This one I have a problem with. I think it is #2 - I felt much better. I think all of them have a complete thought?

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  3. See above.

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  4. 1.a
    so easy!!

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