a bag of 100 marbles contains 30 blue, 25 green, 25 mixed,and 20 clear. what is the probality of selecting a blue?
ablue and green? a marble that is not clear? ablue on the first draw and a clearon the second draw? a

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  1. prob (of selecting a blue) = 30/100 = 3/10

    if you are picking one marble,
    prob(blue AND green) = 0
    if you are picking 2 then it could be
    BG or GB
    which is (3/10)(25/99) + (25/100)(30/99) =5/33

    prob(not a clear) = 80/100 = 4/5

    prob(blue, then a clear) = (30/100)(20/99) = 2/33

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