I can't get the balance sheet, well, balanced.

Accounts Receivable 120600 a
Land 1500000 a
Notes Receivable 61200 a
Insurance Expenses 54000 l
Accounts Payable 45000 l
Interest Expenses 24600 l
Common Stock 1896000 o
Depreciation -400000 a
Net Sales 1053000
Ending Inventory 126600 a
Notes Payable (Long-Term) 210000 l
Beginning Inventory 154800
Retained Earnings 1459800 o
Advertising Expenses 90000 l
Cash 72000 a
Salaries 180000 l
Short-Term Notes Payable 15600 l
Merchandise Purchased (for inventory) 316800
Buildings 1050000 a
Rent 13800 l
Utilities 8400 l
Equipment and Vehicles 1066000 a
Goodwill 90000 a
Bonds Payable 60000 l

Assets 3686400
Liabilities + Owner's Equity 4057200
Difference 370800

I have left a few of the numbers out of the balance sheet because I'm not sure they belong, but either way, I still can't get it balanced.

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  1. Not sure why the rest of my post didn't go through...

    Accounts Receivable, 120600, a
    Land, 1500000, a
    Notes Receivable, 61200, a
    Insurance Expenses, 54000, l
    Accounts Payable, 45000, l
    Interest Expenses, 24600, l
    Common Stock, 1896000, o
    Depreciation, -400000, a
    Net Sales, 1053000
    Ending Inventory, 126600, a
    Notes Payable (Long-Term), 210000, l
    Beginning Inventory, 154800
    Retained Earnings, 1459800, o
    Advertising Expenses, 90000, l
    Cash, 72000, a
    Salaries, 180000, l
    Short-Term Notes Payable, 15600, l
    Merchandise Purchased (for inventory), 316800
    Buildings, 1050000, a
    Rent, 13800, l
    Utilities, 8400, l
    Equipment and Vehicles, 1066000, a
    Goodwill, 90000, a
    Bonds Payable, 60000, l

    Assets = 3686400
    Liabilities + Owner's Equity = 4057200
    Difference = 370800

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