Arthur is trying to figure out the heights of 3 of his friends. Here are the facts he know:

1. The sum of the heighta oglf these 3 friends is 17 fast 8 inches.

2. The shortest friends is 5 feet 6 inches tall
3. The other 2 friends differ in height by 4 inches

How tall is the tallest friend?

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  1. Alright let friend one be represented by x, freind two by y and friend three by z.

    So 17feet 8 inches needs to be converted.

    Write out all that you know in algebra formulas.


    and solve. Or just use the first formula and solve for each value by inserting the other formulas.

    Dyou geddit?

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  2. Not really

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  3. Okay so you have

    x+y+z= 17.666 (feet)

    x= 5.72 (feet)
    y= z-4
    z= y+4

    then you put those values into formula one


    then you move the x value over the equals sign


    Do you see where I'm going?

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