Social Studies

Can you please explain this(Simple):
( I know what this means, I just don't know how to word it out)

"I took right of the cause. I could do but little...I did with a joyful heart, and never felt happier than when in an anti-slavery meeting...But, while attending an anti-slavery convection at Nantucket, on 11th of August,1841, I felt strongly moved to speak...The truth was, I felt myself a slave, and the idea of speaking to white people weighed me down. I spoke but a few moments, when I felt a degree of freedom, and said what I desired with considerable ease.From that time until now, I have been engaged in pleading the case of my brethren."

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  1. While attending an anti-slavery meeting, the man felt himself a slave but began to plead the case of the slaves. (because they were his brethren, he was not white.)


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  2. i hope it helps. i did my best.

    I did the best i could with the situation. but i didn't do much...i did everything with excitement and joy all from my heart. i never ever had as much fun or felt so much happiness in an anti-slavery meeting...but when i was in an anti-slaveryconvention in Nantucket, on 11th of August, 1841. i felt and arge to speak tell you the truth i felt like i was a slave nad the thought of talking to white people made me feel like i had power. i only spoke a little when i started to feel the freedom and said everything that i wanted with no doubt and easily. from thenon and even today i am fighting pleading in the case of my brothers.

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