Select a variable (mean or proportion) of interest to you and collect or find the data. BEFORE you collect the data, decide what a likely mean or proportion might be. Then address the following (and a little more) in your project.
a. Write a brief statement of the purpose of the study.
b. Define the population.
c. State the hypotheses for the study.
d. Select an alpha value.
e. State how the sample was selected.
f. Show the raw data.
g. State the decision based on the P-value..
h. Summarize the results.

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  1. How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. if u can give me an example
    if i select on how many people did not have college degree

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  3. a. The purpose of your study is to find the number of people without college degrees.

    b. Are you interested in the total U.S. population -- or just your city -- or a specific profession -- or??? Who is your population?

    c. What is your alpha value?

    d. How will you select your sample population?

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    Ms. Sue

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