If a cough syrup contains 0.24gm of codeine in 120ml, how many mg are contained in each teaspoonful?

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  1. "teaspoonful" is not a metric unit of measurement.
    One has to know how many ml are in a teaspoonful

    Once you have looked that up, set up a ratio.
    24g/120 ml = x g/"teaspoonful" ml

    cross-multiply and solve for x

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  2. so one teaspoon = 5ml
    my answer is 1gr?

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  3. .24g/120 ml = x g/"teaspoonful" ml, sorry I dropped the decimal in front of 24 g

    x = .01 g

    I leave it up to you to convert .01 g to mg.

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  4. A physician precribes tetracycline suspension for a patient who is to take 2 teaspoofuls four times a day for 4 days, then 1 teaspoonful four times a day for 2 days. How many mls of the suspension should be dispensed?

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