Hi I was wondering if I could get some help on this word problem...

Penny collected some change in preparation for a garage sale. She collected two more nickels that twice the number of dimes and eight fewer quarters that twice the number of nickels. If the value of the quarters was $1.60 greater than four times the value of the nickels and dimes together, what was the total value of the change that Penny collected?

I tried to get some equations of it, but I could only get one.
25q = 4 ( 5n ) + 10d +160
the first equation was too confusing.
Please help.


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  1. Your equation is close, but it should be...

    25q = 4(5n + 10d) + 160
    It says "four times the value of the nickels and dimes TOGETHER."

    Since we have three variables, we must have three equations. Here are the other two. (They are a bit difficult to come up with.)

    2d = n + 2
    q - 8 = 2n

    I believe those are the right equations, but check them out for yourself.

    Now, solve the system of equations by substitution or elimination.

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