FRENCH - *Imperative*

Limperatif. Use the command to indicate what your friends should or should not do.

Could you please give me an example of what its asking me to do.

For the not. I believe you are supposed to put N' infront of a verb.

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  1. Imperative:

    The forms of the iimperative are the same as the correwsponding forms of the present indicative, except that -er verbs and verbs conjugated like -er verbs drop the final "s" in the familiar imperative. However, when linked to the pronouns "y" and "en", all familiar imperatives retain th e "s."

    Montre des robes à la cliente, s'il vous plaît. = Show the dresses to the client, please.

    Montres-en à la cliente, s'il vous plaît. = Show some to the clien t, please.

    Va vite chez tooi. Vas-y vite. = Go home quickly. Go there quickly.

    Regular verbs, tu (familiar singular command), nous (let's form), vous (formal singular or plural command)

    Regular -er verb (hésiter) = hésite / hésitons / hésitez

    Regular -ir verb (remplir) = remplis / remplissons / remplissez

    Regular -re verb (vendre) = vends / vendons / vendez

    The verbs avoir, être and savoir have exceptional imperatives:
    avoir: aie / ayons / ayez
    être: sois / soyons / soyez
    savoir: sache / sachons / sachez

    *When you get to the 3rd person singular and plural of the Subjunctive introduced by "que" it is ofoten called "the third person imperative."
    Que''e atten de = Let her wait!
    Qu'ils le fassent! = Let them do it!

    *The command form can be avoided by using "Voulez-vous (bien) +_ infinitive

    *In public notices, road signs and general directions, the infinitive frequently replaces the imperative

    Affirmative = speak French = parle/parlez français.

    Negative = do NOT speak English =
    ne parle/parlez pas anglais.

    (of course you can make that stronger with something like "Never speak English" = Ne parle/parlez jamais anglais.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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