1. The lake's reflection usually creates a glare, but now the surface is _________.
2. Sad sounds of his ______ show how much he regrets the tragedy.
3. When prey is scarce, a carnivore will ________ whenever it can.
4. The warriors agreed that the attack was hateful, but they carried out their ________ task.
5. A __________ that is too tight can cause pain and bruising.
6. The ________ and frightened beast sought a hiding place.
7. He thought his prey would be tasty, but he did not ________ it at all.
8. The monster clawed at trees with its ________.
9. The beast's prowling was like an _________ that would not end.
10. Where their armor did not protect them, they had _____ marks from the battle.
11. "That creature is _______ for his horrible deeds, but we shall defeat him!"
12. Injured warriors were _____ and calling out for help.
13. The young fighter knew that _____ bandages would help heal his wounds.
14. At dawn, the army made a __________ to a sacred place before they marched home.
15. The older ones said it is wise to ________ the battle from memory.

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  1. Great! All of your vocabulary words have been appropriately used. :-)

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    Ms. Sue

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