COM 215

Your manager at work has advised you that you and two of your coworkers will be visiting a branch of your company in another country. Select a country that you would like to learn more about. Then, conduct an Internet or library search regarding the nonverbal and verbal communication styles in this country.
• Write a memo to the manager in the scenario summarizing your findings and explaining how you would use the information to enhance communication during your visit to this country. You may use the memo template at the BAC Web site to complete this assignment. The minimum word count for this assignment is 350 words.

This is the assignment. I don't know how to start... I'm soooo confused and tired.

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  1. First you need to choose a country.

    Next, research this country to learn about its nonverbal and verbal communication styles.

    Then write a memo explaining what you've learned and how you would use this information when you visit this country.

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    Ms. Sue

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