How were totalitarian leaders able to obtain power in the 1930's? Name two totalitarian leaders.

I think one reason they got power is because people wanted change because they hated conditions after WW1. Any help with other reasons please. Is Hitler an answer? Who else is a totalitarian leader?

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  1. You're right. Germans suffered not only from the harsh penalties imposed by the Versailles Treaty, but also the Great Depression. Adolf Hitler promised them jobs -- and more importantly -- pride in their nation.

    Josef Stalin of the Soviet Union was another totalitarian leader. After the chaos of the Russian Revolution, Stalin rose as the strong man to lead this new communist nation.

    A third totalitarian leader was Benito Mussolini of Italy. His efficiencies disrupted traditional Italian life, but it's often been said that he made the trains run on time -- something the Italians weren't used to.

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    Ms. Sue

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