A boy on a bucycle drags a wagon full of newspapers at 0.80m/s for 30 minutes using a force of 40N. How much work has the boy done?

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  1. recall that speed is distance traveled per unit time, or
    v = d/t
    also recall that work is force exerted times distance, or
    W = Fd
    since in the problem we are only given the force, we calculate for the distance first.
    substituting the given speed and time to formula for speed:
    v = d/t
    0.8 = d/(30*60)
    d = 0.8*30*60 = 1440 m
    note: we multiplied 30 by 60 to convert units to seconds.
    substituting to get work,
    W = Fd
    W = 40*1440
    W = 57600 J or 57.6 kJ

    hope this helps~ :)

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  2. the answer should be 0J

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  3. A train travels 15 kilometers and accelerates at a rate of 0.7 m/s2 due to the force. Calculate the work

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