I'm having trouble with this problem, because I keep getting the same answer for two of the questions, which doesn't help me with part d. If someone could give me some hints as to how to solve this correctly. Also do how does the anothocyanin factor in? Do rr plants die?

In Asiatic cotton, a pair of factors R and r controls the [presence or absence, respectively, of anthocyanin pigmentation. Another gene, about 10 map units away from the R locus, controls chlorophyll production. The homozygous recessive genotype at this locus (yy) produces a yellow chlorophyll-deficient plant that dies early in the seedling stage. The heterozygote Yy is phonetically green and indistinguishable from the dominate homozygote YY. Testcrosses are not possible for the Y locus. When dihybrids are crossed together, calculate the expected phenotypic proportions among the seedlings when parents are (a) both coupling/cis phase (b) both repulsion/trans phase (c) one coupling/cis and one repulsion/trans phase. (d) which method produces greatest mortality?

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