The wheel of an adult's bicycle has diameter 26 in. The wheel of a child's bicycle has diameter 18 in. To the nearest inch, how much farther does the larger bicycle wheel travel in one revolution than the smaller bicycle wheel?

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  1. to do this, we calculate both of the circles' circumference. the bigger circle has diameter of 26 in, while the smaller has diameter of 18 in.
    now recall that the circumference of a circle is given by
    C = 2*π*r
    or given the diameter,
    C = π*d
    π = constant equal to 3.14
    r = radius
    d = diameter
    bigger circle:
    C = π*d = 3.14*26 = 81.64 in
    smaller circle:
    C = π*d = 3.14*18 = 56.52 in
    then we subtract:
    81.64 - 56.52 =
    25.12 in

    hope this helps~ :)

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  2. the endpoints of a diameter of a circle are A(2,1) and B(5,5). Find the area of the circle in terms of pie.

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  3. 539 centemeters

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