area, perimeter

the perimeter of rectangle y is equal to its area. rectangle z has the same perimeter as rectangle y. the length of rectangle z is 5 inches and the width is 3 inches. explain how you can find the length and eidth of rectangle y.

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  1. perimeter = 2*5+2*3 = 16

    2L + 2 W = 16 so L+W=8
    WL = 16 so W = 16/L

    L + 16/L = 8
    L^2 + 16 = 8L
    L^2 -8L + 16 = 0
    (L-4)(L-4) = 0
    L = 4
    B = 16/L = 4

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  2. from the first description
    length ---- x
    width ---- y

    xy = 2x + 2y
    xy - 2y = 2x
    y(x-2) = 2x
    y = 2x/(x-2)

    2nd rectangle is 5 by 3, so its perimeter is 30
    so now we know 2x+2y = 30
    or x+y = 15
    y = 15-x
    sub that into the other equation, so
    2x/(x-2) = 15-x
    2x = 15x - x^2 - 30 + 2x
    x^2 -15x + 30 = 0
    by the formula
    x = 12.623, and subbing back: y = 2.376
    or x = 2.376 and subbing back x = 12.623

    (notice 2.376 x 12.623 = 29.992 or 30 as expected

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  3. I must have have a had a brain-twitch

    A 3 by 5 rectangle has a perimeter of 30 ????
    Come on Reiny !!!!

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  4. i don't get that helppp

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  5. No help :(

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  6. what is the greatest perimeter of a rectangle wiht an area of 39 square feet

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