Suppose the speedometer in your car reads 55.0 mph also written as
mile/hour. What is your speed in m/sec? (1 km = 0.621 mi.)
unit factor methond soooo lost on this one please help!!!

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  1. if 1 km = .621 miles, then
    1 mile = 1/.621 or 1.6103 km

    55 miles = 55(1.6103)km = 88.5668 km
    = 88566.8 m

    55 m/hr = 88566.8 m/h
    = 88566.8 m/(3600 s) = 24.6 m/s

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  2. a train leaves at 2pm heading due south at 60 mph. a second train leaves at 3:15pm heading due north at 80 mph. at
    what time will they be 250 miles apart?

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