What is the hybridization of the central atom in COH2??

Would the correct response, out of the following:

a) sp

b) sp^2

c) sp^3

d) sp^3d

e) sp^3d^2

"e"-> sp^3d^2??

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  1. I've not seen this compound before.
    C = 1 x 4 e each = 4 electrons.
    O = 1 x 6 e each = 6 e
    H = 2 x 1 e each = 2 e
    Total electrons = 12
    Electrons needed = 2 x 8 = 16 (for C and O) + 2 x 2 for H = 20
    20-12 = 8 and 8/2 = 4 bonds.
    The only way I can put that together, but there may be other ways, is
    H2C=O with the two H atoms bonded directly to C. That gives C with 4 bonds, O with 2, H with 1 each which is the usual bonding required and it gives a formal charge on all of the atoms of zero. Counting the regions of high electron density I get 3 (1 for one of the CH bonds, 1 for the other CH bond, and 1 for the C=O bond) so that makes sp2 hybridization. Check my thinking.

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  2. "C"...sp^2 was correct, i couldn't find what this compound was either.

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  3. Of course I've seen this before. It must be formaldehyde.

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