investigators at an agricultural research facility randomly assigned equal numbers of chicken to be housed in two rooms. In room #1, chickens experienced normal day/night cycles. In the other room, lights were left on 24 hours a day. The objective was to see which group of chickens would lay more eggs. After collecting data for several days, the researchers tested the hypothesis against the one-tail alternative and found p-value = 0.22. Which of the following statements is true ?
A) The chickens in the lighted room averaged 0.22 more eggs per day
B) Theres a 22% chance that chickens house in a lighted room produce more eggs.
C) Theres a 22% chance that theres really no difference in egg production.
D) Theres a 22% chance another experiment will give these same results.
E) None of theses.

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  1. E. with a P-Value greater than 5%, you fail to reject the null hypothesis. Therefore there is no difference.

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