Pre Calculus

sec x = -2 , π ≤ x ≤ 3π

Use a calculator to solve for x in the given interval
9)sinθ=0.1473, 0°≤θ≤90°
A) -8.47°
B) 8.38°
C) 98.47°
D) 8.47°

10) cosθ=0.7563,0°≤θ≤90°
A) 37.10°
B) 49.14°
C) -49.14°
D) 40.86°

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  1. secx = 1/cosx = -2,
    cosX = -1/2,
    X = 120 Deg. Q2.

    9. sin(theta) = 0.1473,
    theta = 8.47

    10. cos(theta) = 0.7563,
    theta = 40.86.

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