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when not writing to a specific prompt, what is generallly a good idea to write about? I've grown up as a military brat and lived overseas, but (to me at least) that seems too generic. Should I go for it? Whoever answers this, I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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  1. Thank you -- I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, feasting and visiting with my family. :-) I hope your holidays have also been enjoyable.

    Growing up as a "military brat" is not very common, so you have some unique experiences to bring to your college. You've been a part of other cultures, and may know other languages. You may have more self-discipline because of your military contacts. I'd emphasize what you've learned by living overseas and how it's affected the person you are now.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. How long should an application essay be? (max and min)

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  3. max maybe 2000 least maybe 500

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  4. Check the individual colleges, many of my essays are required to be less then 500 words, and in some cases less then 200.

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