math !!!! :O

Amanda is 12 years old. She is 2/7 times as old as her father. How many years ago was her father 4 times as old as Amanda.

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  1. Amanda now = 12
    Amanda then = 12-x
    Father now = F
    Father then = F-x

    12 = (2/7) F
    F-x = 4 (12-x)

    F = 7*12/2 = 42
    42-x = 48 -4x
    3x = 6
    x = 2
    A was 10
    F was 40 yes four times
    7/2*12 = 42 yes

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  2. punany

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  3. 42

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  4. 42 12/1*7/2=84/2=42

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  5. 42✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

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