A rectangular tub with dimensions 2m x 1m x 0.5m is filled with water using a pail of radius 0.1 m and height 0.35 m. How many pails of water will be required? Give your answer to the nearest whole pail.

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  1. Volume of tub Vt=2*1*0.5=1m^3

    Volume og pail Vp=r^2*pi/4=01^2*3.14159/4=


    127 pails

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  2. Anonymus give the incorrect answer.

    A=(r^2)*pi is Area of circle

    Volume of right cylinder is:V=A*h

    Volume of pail:


    Volume of tub Vt=2*1*0.5=1m^3


    91 pails

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