AP Spanish

Compare and contrast The Rising by Bruce Springsteen and Thursday from La Oreja de VanGogh.?

I know the songs are about the September 11 tragedy in the U.S and the March 11 tragedy in Spain. Include comments and views of the role of each song.

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  1. Because you say this is AP Spanish, I hope you will be writing this in Spanish! How may be help you?

    Yes, Bruce's "The Rising" was written after the 199 attack. What is your impression when you listen to the music? Unfortunately the background is so loud that it is difficult to catch all the words but you can feel the anguish.

    M-11 was another terrorist attack in Spain. I'm so glad the ETA was not blamed this time. In contrast to "The Rising" "Jueves" is so quiet, but also full of anguish.

    Do you have a preference? (I certainly do!) Both dates are very significant in each country.

    We do not DO the work for you but HELP. Please tell me how I may help you?


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