I need help coganting the verb ir.Please can some give me examples of how it is used in a sentence.

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  1. Would help if you gave the tense but here you go.
    Ir- Present Tense
    Yo- Voy
    Tu- Vas
    El Ella Ud.-Va
    Nosotros- Vamos
    Vosotros- Vais
    Ellas Ellos Uds.- Van
    Ir- Preterite
    Yo- Fui
    Tu- Fuiste
    El Ella Ud.-Fue
    Nosotros- Fuimos
    Vosotros- Fuisteis
    Ellas Ellos Uds.- Fueron
    They go to the store.
    Ellos van a la tienda

    I went to the movie
    Fui a la pelicula

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  2. Please don't forget the accent marks. If y ou don't know how to make them, we need to know 2 things:
    1) do you have a PC or a MAC
    2) do you have a Windows program or not

    Aside from the accent marks, Keaton has provided the Present Indicative (Spanish I) and the Preterit, one of 2 Past Tenses, usually Spanish II).


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