Chemistry HELP AGAIN!

What is the total molar concetration of all the ions in 0.015 M solutions of the following salts in water?

.015 M KCl

.015 M CuSO4

.015 M CaCl2

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  1. KCl ionizes 100%; therefore,
    KCl ==> K^+ + Cl^-
    There is 1 K in KCl so (K^+) = 0.015M.
    There is 1 Cl in KCl so (Cl^-) = 0.015
    Total concn ions = 0.015 + 0.015 = ??

    CuSO4 ==> Cu^+2 + SO4^-2

    CaCl2 ==> Ca^+2 + 2Cl^-

    Someone will check your answers if you wish to post them.

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