Given a scale of 1:24,000:

A. What is the ground distance in feet represented by three inches on the map?

72000in 6000ft

B. What is the ground distance in meters represented by 5 cm on the map?


C. How about the ground distance in kilometers represented by 5 cm on the map? Hint: Multiples of units of measures—and their conversions to other systems of measures—appear on pages i and ii at the front of this manual.

1.2 km

A. What is the latitude indicated at the southwest corner of this quad?

Answer: 43º 45’ N

B. What is the longitude? (The latitude value lies along an imaginary east–west extension of the southern boundary of the map; the longitude value lies along an imaginary north–south extension of the western boundary.)

S 60 degree E and N 30degree W

C. In what two counties does North Menan Butte occur?

Answer: Jefferson and Madison Counties

A. What is the magnetic declination—that is, the difference (in degrees) between true north (star) and magnetic north (MN arrow)?

Answer: 17º

B. What is the difference (in degrees and minutes) between true north (star) and grid north (GN)—in this case, the line to the left of the true North line?
6 minutes

2.21. What is the fractional scale of this quad?

2.24. How far—to the nearest tenth of a kilometer—is the well in section 11 from the southwest corner of section 10?

2.25. The southwest corner of section 10 is approximately what direction—expressed as a bearing—from the X that marks the approximate center of North Menan Butte?

A. What can you say about the elevation, in feet, of the higher of the two hills in Figure 2.19? (Be as specific as you can.)

Answer: The higher hill is more than 20 feet high, but less than 25 feet high.

B. How about the lower hill?

2.28. In the stereographic contour map in Figure 2.20,

A. which of the points—A, B, or C—appears to be the highest?

Answer: A

B. which of the points appears to be the lowest?

2.29. In Figure 2.20 there is a narrow gorge with a stream. Judging from the slope of the valley, in which direction is the stream flowing— southward or northward?

2.30. What is the contour interval shown in Figure 2.21B?

2.31. In Figure 2.21B, what is the relief between the lowest and highest contour lines?

2.32. What is the contour interval on the Menan Buttes quadrangle?

2.33. At the crest of south Menan Butte there are contour lines with tick-marks.

A.What do these tick-marks indicate? Hint: See the feature in the northwest quarter of Figure 2.21B.

B.What is the approximate height, or the approximate depth, of the feature bounded by these tick-marks on south Menan Butte?

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  1. A. Try some of the following links:

    We do not DO the homework for you but HELP you by showing you where to look. We have access to NO curriculum OR textbook so we have no idea what you are looking at.


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