Last year's computer model is on sale for $799. You can add more memory to the computer. Each chip of 8 megabytes of memory costs $25. How many megabytes of memory can you add if you have at most $1,000 to spend.

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  1. Money left after buying computer
    = 1000-799
    = $201
    Number of 8-MB chips $201 can buy
    = $201/25
    = 8 chips.
    Total memory upgrade
    = 8*8Mb
    = 64 Mb.

    Note: assumes no tax payable

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  2. AT MOST signifies that you must write and inequality to solve this problem. AT MOST signifies to write the symbol "less than or equal to". <
    First write down what you know:
    - You will spend $1,000 at most
    - The computer's initial cost is $799
    - Each chip contains 8 megabytes (MB)
    - Each chips costs $25
    - $1,000 - $799 will give you how much money you will have left over

    Now let's solve:
    Let x represent the amount of megabytes you can add

    $1,000 - $799 (gives you the amount of money you have left over to buy extra memory) = $201

    $201/$25 (gives you the number of chips you can buy) = 8

    8(8) (gives you the number of megabytes you can buy - the answer!! ;D) = 64

    The inequality with steps:
    1,000 - 799
    8( -------------- ) < x
    25 ---

    8( -------------- ) < x
    25 ---

    8(8) < x

    64 < x

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