Heyy, I have a quick question. I am doing binary systems, and I have a water/propanol system, and it says " 0.433 mole fraction propanol (71.7% propanol by weight)" does this mean that the mole fraction of water is 0.433 or propanol? Cause if propanol is 71.7% then wouldn't it be the bigger fraction, and if Xprop + Xwater = 1 then then other fraction would be 0.567 and wouldn't that be bigger?

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  1. If it says 0.433 mol fraction of propanol then that must be what it is. The mole fraction of water will be 1.000 - 0.433 = ??
    Remember that propanol has a molar mass much larger than that of water and mol fraction is [mols Prop/(mols Prop + mols H2O)]. You might want to do a quick calculation, to satisfy your curiosity, that 71.7 g prop + 28.3 g water gives a mol fraction of 0.433.

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