!@#$%^& did John mercer langston show his support of Jogn Brown's Harperss Ferry fiasco? I've been looking for the answer for over a week...please help

By organizing the Underground Railroad and challenging the Fugitive Slave Act. He also helped organize the first black regiment in 1863. He was the first black lawyer in Ohio and a prominent citizen who chose to make the case against slavery from within the legal system.

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  1. I am from 11 years and 5 months into the future. I have come back in time to tell you that the next 2 presidents are Obama and then Trump. Also you will fail this assignment and then we will all die from an nuclear explosion.

    Enjoy 2005 while you still can :-)

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  2. you need to form the covalent bonding.

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  5. "GIMME DA ANWER S", for using forbidden words on Jiskha You are warned. If We find more forbidden words in Y

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