College Algebra

This is what I have came up with so far, but it says to plug in another value for x in number 2, what does this mean?

1. So the equation to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius is simply to take the temp in F, subtract it by 32 and then divide that value by 1.8. So Temp in Celsius= (F-32)/1.8. In Aurora, Illinois the record high temp on Nov 28 was broken when the weather reached 65F on that day.

2. The monthly phone bill (B) using 1000 anytime minutes is 50.00 Any additional minute, X, used during the month will be charged $0.10/minute and is added to the monthly bill.

So the equation used would be:

B= 50+ .10X

So if 1025 minutes are used one month then the bill for that month would be

B= 50.00+ .10*(1025-1000) which equals $52.50

2. So just plug in another value for x.

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