C6H12O6(aq)->2 C2H5OH(aq) + 2CO2(g)

Fermentation of 744mL grape juice(density=1.0 g/cm^3) is allowed to take place in a bottle witha V of 825mL until 12% by volume is ethanol (C2H5OH). Assuming CO2 is insoluble in H2O what would the pressure be of the CO2 inside the wine bottle at 34C (density of ethanol is .79g/cm^3

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  1. Write the balanced equation.
    Convert mL grape juice to grams using density given and convert that to mols.

    Convert 12% by volume of ethanol to grams, then to mols,

    Convert mols ethanol produced to mols CO2 using the coefficients in the equation.

    Use PV = nRT to calculate the pressure.
    n is the # mols CO2 calculated above. Don't forget to change T to Kelvin. Note: You may need to correct for the volume. The empty space above the level of the grape juice starts out at 825 mL - 744 mL but it will be different at the end since ethanol has a different density than grape juice.
    Post your work if you need additional assistance.

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  2. C6H12O6(aq)--2C2H5Oh(aq)+2CO2(g)

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