Chem Urgent

Volume of stock solution
a. 5.0mL b.10.0mL c.15.0mL d.20.0mL
Prepare 25mL of each of the four different dilute solution
Concentration of stock- 1.01E-5
Calculate molarity for a,b,c,d

for a would the answer be 2.02E6?????

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  1. Yes, the answer is what you posted EXCEPT the exponenet is -6 and not +6. Also, you don't say if th e stock solution is molar, molal, or what. Your answer is ok if the stock solution is 1.01E-5 MOLAR

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  2. Its Molar. Thanks

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  3. If for a. the concentration is 2.02E-6, Wavelength at 630, Absorbance is .216, how would I find the %T.

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  4. Absorbance = 1/T OR 100/%T.

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  5. What do you mean? I know the equation is %T=It/Io*100

    I don't know how to use it and plug in the information I have.

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  6. Use your calculator.
    A = log (1/T)
    0.216 = log (1/T)
    1.644 = 1/T
    T = 0.608
    %T = 60.8%

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