accouting class

Is this order correct for the accouting cycle:
1. Analyzing transactions and events
2. Journalizing transactions and events
3. Posting the journal entries
4. Preparing an unadjusted trial balance
5. Journalizing and posting adjusting entries
6. Preparing the adjusted trial balance
7. Preparing the financial statements
8. Journalizing and posting closing entries
9. Preparing and post-closing trial balance

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  1. Your question is incomplete.

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  2. sorry is this correct...

    analyzing transactions and events,
    journalizing transactions and events,
    posting the journal entries,
    preparing an unadjusted trial balance,
    journalizing and posting adjusting- entries,preparing the adjusted trial balance, preparing the financial statement, journalizing and posting closing entries, preparing and post closing trial balances

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