Lit (gurublue plez take @ lookif possible

I have to write a modest proposal similar to Jonathan Swifts. Please tell me if I am on the right tack (if there is changes to be made show me where)
It is devastating and heart wrenching to see how the world is slowly transforming into a heat machine and a toilette. The planet is melting as we are speaking. Humans are the number one cause for this tragedy. What do they do all day? Driving in their beautiful luxurious cars that release huge amounts of greenhouse gases. According to the global warming association, human’s release 30 billion gallons of gas everyday due to their daily activities. Our world is becoming into a business, with more cars and factories than trees and animals, which help, keep the atmosphere stable. I can no longer see the air clearly because of the fumes and smog. A place many and I once called home is now a dump yard.
Many people carelessly throw their toxic chemicals in rivers (factories and restaurant owners), animals such as cows produce a lot of waste thorough farting (release methane), and war is one major problem that releases, and abundant amount of pollution through weapons, nuclear bomb (releases radiation).
I have contemplated and thought about this issue for years and discussed it with very knowledgeable and intellectual individuals. We have come to realize that this is the best tactic to solve this ordeal, and keep the society and earth healthy. I propose to electrocute all factory workers and owners for an hour, if they turn on their machines for more than two minutes.
Factories discard their chemicals (liquid form) into rivers, lakes, and oceans, which kills 95 percent of all marine life. Furthermore, this allows them to save money for their weekly trip to China, charity for children with respiratory diseases. Manyee percent. Saving many of our natural resources from being destroyed. For example, in Greenland many of our polar bears are being drowned because of rise in the sea level, and causing cannibalism among the animals because of the lack of food. This will stop if fewer droughts occur.

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  1. Larry, You have stated the problem...
    As I said, Swift proposed a totally absurd solution in order to call attention to the problem. Can you think of a preposterous solution and then show how it would solve each of the problems you stated.
    What about building a sewer system to the sun? How would it work? Could it benefit the sun as well as the earth?
    How would it work here with fumes and smog, plastics other disposables? Any problems.... Do you get the idea? By the way your use of the words "heat machine and toilette" gave me the idea <G> Good writing!

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