A refrigerated truck leaves a rest stop traveling at a steady rate of 56 mi/h. A car leaves the same rest stop 1/4 h later followinf rhe truck at a steady rate of 64 mi/h. How long after the truck leaves the rest stop wil the car overtake the truck. In algebra form.

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  1. When the car overtakes the truck, they both would have traveled the same distance, except the truck took 1/4 hour longer

    let the time taken by the car be x hours
    then the time taken by the truck is x+1/4 hour

    distance gone by car = 64x
    distance gone by truck = 56(x+1/4)

    but didn't we say those distances would be equal?

    let me know what you got

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  2. -2 but is that for the truck or car

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  3. The time x cannot be negative. You must have made a mistake.

    The two equations are,
    distance gone by car = 64x
    distance gone by truck = 56(x+1/4)

    Since the distances are equal,

    64x = 56(x + 1/4)
    64x = 56x + 56/4
    64x = 56x + 14
    8x = 14
    x = 1.75

    From above (Reiny's explanation)
    Since x = time taken by the car in hours, the car will overtake the truck in 1.75 hrs.

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  4. A computer costs $799. To add memory it costs $25 for 8 megabytes. How much memory can you add if you have at most $1,000 to spend.

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  5. It will be 2 hours u til the car catches up tot the truck.Sorry, I don't have the work. :(

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  6. relative speed=64-56
    distance travelled by truck for 1/4h
    time spent by car in overtaking

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