a cube of wood with a density of 0.78g/cm^3 is 10cm on a side. When placed in the water what height will the block float above the surface?

what am i doing wrong here:

height= Desity of cube* volume of cube
and devide by the density of water * area of the cube
H= (0.78g/cm^3 *1000)/1.00g/cm^3*600)
=1.3cm? is this correct, if not what do i do?

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  1. If x is above the water, 10 - x is below the water.
    Water density * (10-x) * (Area of bottom) = (Wood density)*10*(area of bottom)
    (Wood density)/(Water density) = (10-x)/10
    = 1 - x/10 = 0.78
    x/10 = 0.22
    x = 2.2 cm

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  2. 7.65

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