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ms. buxx invested a total of $2000 in two savings accounts. The first account pays 3% interest per year and the second account pays 5% interest per yera. If the interest from both accounts totals $84 per yera, how much is invested in each account?

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  1. x = amt at 3%
    y = amt at 5%

    x + y = 2000
    .03x + .05y = 84

    solve simultaneously for x, y

    give it a try, post if you need for help
    x = 800, y = 1200 if you are right

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  2. the answer is the first account has 800 and the second account has 1200

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  3. I need the steps to this equation

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  4. x+y=2000

    -x -x
    y=-x+2000 y=-(800)+2000

    .03x+.05(-x+2000)=84 y=1200
    .03x+ -.05x +100=84
    -100 -100
    x= 800

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