Write a short paragraph that traces the rise of Japan from an isolated society to a major industrial and imperial power.

I have to write an essay, so if you can write me a short paragraph that answers and summarizes my question, then I can write my essay. Thank you everyone at Jiskha! I really appreciate you helping because when you give me your answers, I learn SO much!

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  1. Lauren, thanks for the compliment, but we do NOT write essays for students.

    First, make an outline of the major events in Japan's history that led to it becoming a major power.

    Next, write a rough draft of your paper, using your outline as a guide.

    Proofread and revise. Then, if you post your essay here, we'll be glad to make suggestions on it.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. That's not at all what I meant. I wanted someone to NOT write me an essay, but to answer my question. Don't even write me a paragraph. Just answer my question, please. Then I will post my essay on here, too.

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  3. This timeline should help you.


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    Ms. Sue
  4. japan has japanese people. which makes it a country. ching chow wy mie.

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