A sample of propane(c3h8)has 3.84x10^24 H atoms.

a) how many carbon atoms does the sample contain?
b) what is the total mass of the sample?

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  1. From the formula (C3H8) [please use capital letters for element symbols] we see that there are 3 C atoms for 8 H atoms. If we had 16 H atoms there would be 6 C atoms for example.

    Thus is there are 3.84x10^24 H atoms.

    a) then there are (3/8)x3.84x10^24 C atoms

    b) there are a couple of ways to do this.
    If the sample contains 3.84x10^24 H atoms and each molecule contains 8 H atoms then there are 3.84x10^24/8 molecules of propane. Each mole contains 6 x 10^23 molecules so there are
    3.84x10^24/(8 x 6 x 10^23 )moles

    the molar mass of propane is

    (3x12)+(8x1) g mole^-1

    hence find the mass as

    mass= molar mass x number of moles

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