Math (algerbra)

Mary Thon starts at a point of 26 miles FROM school and runs TOWARD the school at a rate of 6 Miles per hour. (mph) Randy Miles starts FROM school 1.3 hours later and runs TOWARD MARY at a rate of 8 mph.

x= number of hours that mary has been running


A) in terms of X how many hours has randy been running

B) how far away is he from the school?

C) How lang have mary AND randy been running before they meet?

D)How far FROM SCHOOL do they meet?

sorry that its so long, but if you could help me i would really appreatiate it.
Thank you.

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  1. A) X - 1.3
    B) 8 (X-1.3)
    C) They meet when distances from school are equal
    26 - 6X = 8 (X-1.3)
    Solve for X when they meet. Call it X'
    D) After you solve for X', use
    Distance = 26 - 6X'

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  2. thank you so much!

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