How can we ensure that teenagers play a meanigful role in the economy?

How can we ensure that teenagers play a meanigful role in the economy?

***The most significant way is to get a solid education and prepare for the future, being significant producers instead of drains. This means
---No teen pregnancies
---Graduation from HS, then to college. Taking the hard courses, and sweating them thru
---staying off drugs and alcohol
---Kids who cheat themselves by not getting the best education are cheating the nation in the future.

Well said, Bob Pursley.

I totally agree, Bob Pursley.

I also suggest that you get in the habit of saving money now while you're young.

completely disagree with ur college statement.

college was a waste of my time and money. i dropped out and started businesses to create a network of customers and suppliers rather than being a greedy employee. not im a millionaire and my college friends from top notch schools earn less than 6 digits.

its too bad high schoolers are being brain washed everyday that the ONLY was to be successful is to work hard, get good grades, and get a good job - which in many cases u end up dirt poor when u retire.

You made a very effective argument for intentionally remaining ignorant. People always have the choice of remaining ignorant, that has been in the past, and will be so in the future. In a few instances, these people have attained leadership positions in government and business. But the test of civilization is to last beyond these cases, and history teaches us that literacy, analysis skills, communication skills, as well as technical skills will in the long run advance and stabilize civilization. Not all great educated men are wealthy, nor will be so in the future. But educated men are the wealth of a nation.

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asked by rose

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