please proof read my essay & tell me what changes i musts make. thanks

The novel Dracula by Bram Stoker is composed of a collection of letters, journal entries, phonographs, and newspaper cuttings. This narrative style has several advantages, which make the novel convincing, and disadvantages, which, in contrast to the advantages, make the novel unconvincing. There are several advantages of this narrative style. One advantage is that this narrative style creates a sense of immediacy. The characters are determined to record everything down as the events happen, so there is little room for subjectivity or imagination. This makes the novel more realistic and objective than if the novel is only told by one narrator, because historical documents are more convincing than a single narrator’s distant recall of the incidents. One example is Dr. John Seward’s diary about R. M. Renfield, who eats spiders and “brings in the flies by tempting them with his food” (69). These kinds of eccentric behaviours are more believable when the characters are recording them as they happen, instead of simply recalling them. Another advantage is that this narrative style allows the readers to read the novel from the different perspectives of the major characters, so the readers are not limited to only what one narrator knows. Also, the absence of a main narrator increases suspense, because each of the character has an equal probability of dying before the story ends. For instance, in chapter four, the last line of Jonathan Harker’s journal is “[g]ood-bye, all! Mina!”, which is immediately followed by Mina Harker’s letter to Lucy Westerna (53). Therefore, at this point, the readers are clueless whether Jonathan Harker survives or dies. Despite the reliability that the narrative style creates, there are a few disadvantages. One disadvantage is that the different characters who have different backgrounds share the same writing style. However, this also indicates that the characters are impeded by modern science, which is symbolized by Mina Harker’s typewriter, as demonstrated by Dr. John Seward’s misdiagnosis of Lucy Westerna, disbelief of superstitions, and Van Helsing, who says that Seward is a “clever man [who reasons] well, but [is] too prejudiced. [He does] not let [his] eyes see nor [his] eyes hear, and that which is outside [his] daily life is not of account to him. It is the fault of our science that it wants to explain all; and if it [explains] not, then it says there is nothing to explain. But yet we see around us everyday the growth of new beliefs, which think themselves new; and which are yet but the old, which pretend to be young – like the fine ladies at the opera” (191). Another disadvantage is the fact that the characters are able to record all of the important incidents in detail makes the novel unrealistic, because during times of emergencies, such as having to deal with Dracula, remaining calm and recording every single detail is very unlikely. Instead, they are more likely to panic and try and come up with plans to defeat Dracula instead of recording the events. The most unrealistic document is Mina Harker’s detailed account of what Dracula says when he “[seizes her] neck and [presses her] mouth to the wound, so that [she] must either suffocate or swallow some of the [blood]” (288). The collection of documents in Dracula is a jigsaw puzzle that must be solved and seen as a whole by both the readers and the characters in order to fully comprehend Dracula as the supernatural. Like Van Helsing, we must see the connection between Lucy Westerna, who has become the un-dead after her death, and the marks on the necks of the abducted children.

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  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is our Check List for Proofreading. After you've done everything on this list, let us know.

    Use the following checklist for proofreading your writing before you finalize your first draft. Make copies of this form to use with all your writing assignments.

    ____ Have you spelled all words correctly? Use the following tips:
    •Use spell check.
    •Circle words that might be wrong and look them up.
    •Consult the commonly mixed pairs list.
    ____ Does each sentence end with the correct punctuation mark?
    ____ Have you begun all sentences with a capital letter?
    ____ Check comma usage:
    •Commas separate items in a series.
    •Commas precede coordinating conjunctions (and, but, so, for or, nor, yet) in compound sentences.
    •Commas DO NOT separate two complete sentences. (This is called a comma splice).
    ____ Have you used apostrophes to show possession or to mark contractions or to show missing numbers (as in ‘99)?
    ____ Is all dialogue or written conversation properly punctuated?
    ____ All proper names of people, places and things are capitalized.
    ____ Check subjects and verbs to see that they agree in tense and in number.
    ____ Do pronouns and antecedents agree?
    ____ Check for run-ons, comma splices and sentence fragments.
    ____ Have you written an appropriate title that reflects the main topic of your essay or paragraph?
    ____ Do all your paragraphs:
    •support the main thesis?
    •contain a topic sentence?
    •contain only sentences (3-5) that support the topic sentence?
    •use effective transitions between ideas?
    ____ Have you read your paper out loud (or had it read to you) to listen for confusing wording or missing ideas?
    ____ Does your essay/paragraph meet the assignment requirements?
    ____ Does your assignment meet the format requirements found in The Falcon Skills & Style Handbook?

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