Give the full set of quantum numbers for the electron lost when a Cs atom ionizes.

a. n = 6; l = 1; ml = –1; ms = +½
b. n = 5; l = 0; ml = +1; ms = –½
c. n = 5; l = 0; ml = 0; ms = –½
d. n = 6; l = 0; ml = 0; ms = +½

Is the answer A.

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  1. The electron LOST is a free electron. leaving a Cs+ ion with a filled-shell Xenon configuration behind.
    n = 5 and l=0 ( a 1S spectroscopic state)

    The ground state for the Cs+ ion (not the electron) would be n = 5; l = 0; ml = 0 BUT there would be no net electron spin, and 0 ms

    I do not agree with the choices. The problem is poorly and confusingly worded

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  2. it’s d

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