Early Child Ed.

Would you please check these questions and my answers? If my answers are not
correct- please let me know!

1. Use of cohesive devices reflects
a speaker's ability to:

A. talk about things that are obvious.

B. string ideas together to show
specific relations.

C. use episodic,rather than linear
or hierarchical,story structures.

D. coordinate implicit and explicit

2. Which one of the following
exemplifies the skill of

A. Luicta relates that her mother had
a baby boy last night and they
named him Paquito.

B. Omar correctly counts from one to
twenty in English.

C. Ling draws a picture of her family
sitting around the dinner table,
conversing and laughing.

D. Little Bear reads a short tale from
the teacher's Mother Goose book.
The teacher says,"Can you tell us
what you've just read?" Little Bear

3. When a teacher modifies a word game
(e.g., Simon Says) to incorporate
a higher level of speech,she is:

A. bridging the gap between home
and school.

B. teacher soun-letter association.

C. modeling use of decontextualized

D. employing scripts to build and
expand the child's cognitive ability

Here are my answers. Please let me know if they are wrong.

1.(B) string ideas together to show
specific relations.

2.(A) Lucita relates that her mother
had a baby boy last night and
they named him Paquito.

3.(C) modeling use of decontextualized

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  1. I agree with your first and third answers. But I don't think your answer for #2 is correct. According to your text, an eventcast is a the explaining of an immediate situation. Lucita's report is not an immediate situation, but she is sharing news that others don't know. Which choice asks the child to tell what s/he has just related to the teacher?

    Your text:

    "Another type of narrative,typical in
    mainstream cultures but very unusual in nonmainstream families,is called eventcasts. An eventcast is an immediate
    description of an ongoing event or the labeling of something obvious.

    For example, a mother observes her son
    coloring in a coloring book and asks,
    "What are you doing,Jon?" Despite the
    fact it is obvious what the child is
    doing,she asks him to describe,or
    narrate,his ongoing action."

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Would "D" be the best answer for the third question?

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  3. No. "D" is not the best answer for #3. There's no evidence that the teacher is employing scripts in using games such as "Simon Says."

    You were right the first time with "C."

    By modifying the game to incorporate a higher level of speech, s/he is modeling the use of decontextualized speech. She is using "school language."

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    Ms. Sue
  4. P.S. The question asks about a teacher who modifies a game. She is obviously not using a script, but is making the changes on her/his own.

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    Ms. Sue
  5. on question 2-- Would "B" be the best answer?

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  6. Sorry Ms. Sue-- I looked at my paper wrong- I meant to ask if "D" was the correct answer.

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  7. No. "B" is not the best answer for # 2.

    The question asks which skill best exemplifies the skill of eventcasting.

    Eventcasting, according to your text, is explainining something obvious, like what you are doing at the moment.

    But a child who doesn't understand eventcasting, would certainly be confused when the teacher asked Little Bear to repeat what he'd just read to her.

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    Ms. Sue
  8. Yes. D is the best answer for # 2.

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    Ms. Sue
  9. o.k.--- I just asked you if "D" would be the best answer. I made a mistake when I asked you if "B" were best.

    Anyways, "D" is the best-- because it is obvious, right?

    thank you for your help!

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  10. You're very welcome. I enjoy helping you because you're so diligent and motivated. :-)

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    Ms. Sue
  11. I refuse to give up in my studies!!

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